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How to treat colon cancer? Doctors generally use these two methods

Everyone is extremely afraid of colon cancer, because the treatment of this disease is relatively difficult, and it also makes patients suffer the devastation of the disease, making them feel extremely hopeless and painful. However, there are many treatments for this disease, and patients can choose according to the situation, and daily care must be ensured.

What are the treatments for colon cancer?1. Carry out chemotherapy

Generally speaking, patients after surgery can undergo two to three courses of chemotherapy within one to one and a half years, and patients can also treat the disease through intravenous medication. If the patient has weakness, leukopenia, loss of appetite, etc. when taking the medication, the dosage should be reduced. If this therapy is performed without surgery, it will also reduce the growth of cancer, but the effect is not very great, and the duration of maintenance is also short. When the patient's condition is relatively poor, it is easy to have obvious negative reactions, and it can also make the condition worse. , so this method cannot be applied to such patients.

2. Immunotherapy

This therapy is also a good option because it can make patients more resistant to cancer. It can have an effect on immunity, control diseases, adjust immunity, and reduce the number of remaining tumor cells in the body, thereby reducing the side effects of chemotherapy and allowing patients to survive longer. longer.

How to take care of colon cancer?1. Strengthen nutrition

Patients should strengthen their body's nutrition in daily life, so that their own repair power will become stronger and they can better withstand the damage caused by chemotherapy. Patients should ensure appropriate intake of vitamins, calories, etc. under the advice of their doctors every day. .

2. Defecate regularly

Regular defecation is of great help to the disease. Patients should develop the habit of defecating in the morning. Regardless of whether they feel like defecating in the morning, they should go to the toilet and squat for a while, so that after a long time, they can defecate in the morning.

3. Mood care

Patients should build confidence in the doctor and the disease, and give themselves the courage and perseverance to defeat the disease. They should avoid feeling fear, anxiety, and despair during treatment, because once such a mood appears, many negative emotions will come one after another. This will have an impact on the treatment of the disease.

Patients suffering from this disease should choose treatment methods based on their own conditions and take good care of themselves. For this disease, patients should not give up and should actively seek treatment.

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