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Colon cancer is mostly caused by "drag", and the body will detect these 4 "signals"

Colon cancer is a very common chronic tumor disease of the digestive tract. Its prevalence is increasing and its mortality rate is relatively high. It is a malignant lesion that occurs under a variety of carcinogenic factors. It is also one of the common malignant tumors. Colon cancer The incidence rate is highest among middle-aged and elderly people, which is related to the decline in body resistance of the elderly. Colon cancer is different from other cancers. Colon cancer has some obvious clinical manifestations in its early stage, which allows patients to detect and treat it early.

So what are the specific clinical manifestations of colon cancer?1. Abdominal massA special manifestation of cancer is an abdominal mass, and colon cancer is no exception. The mass is mainly a tumor or a mass formed by the infiltration of surrounding tissue. The mass is hard and irregular in shape. Early masses have certain However, as the disease progresses and reaches the advanced stage of colon cancer, due to severe tumor infiltration, the colon will become immobile and there will be obvious tenderness.

2. Symptoms of intestinal obstructionColon cancer also has some symptoms of other intestinal diseases. Colon cancer will also have some clinical manifestations of intestinal obstruction, such as abdominal distension, abdominal pain, constipation and even the inability to pass stool. In addition to some clinical manifestations, there will also be some obvious symptoms during physical examination. Signs, such as abdominal bulge, local tenderness, and hyperactive bowel sounds. Because the left half of the colon is narrow, and this part is mostly invasive intestinal cancer, symptoms of intestinal obstruction will occur.

3. Symptoms of poisoningColon cancer will also have some poisoning symptoms. This is because colon cancer tumors are prone to ulceration, blood loss and toxin absorption, which will lead to poisoning symptoms, including anemia, lack of strength, low fever, weight loss, edema, etc. Right Semi-colon cancer lesions are prone to ulceration, necrosis and even bleeding and infection, so they are more likely to lead to poisoning.

4. Gastrointestinal symptomsColon cancer has obvious early clinical manifestations, which can allow patients to detect them early. The main symptoms are bloating, indigestion, and stomach discomfort. When cancer occurs in the right part of the colon, there will be abdominal pain and dryness, and the pain is mostly Dull pain. The pain in the early stage is indirect.

As the disease progresses, the nature of the pain will become persistent. In addition to stomach discomfort, there will also be changes in bowel habits, mainly an increase in the number of bowel movements. This is also one of the early manifestations. When the right half of the When colon cancer occurs, the stool will become thinner, accompanied by pus and blood, and diarrhea and constipation will occur, which will continue to develop and change as the condition worsens.

The main clinical manifestations of colon cancer are the above. The early manifestations of colon cancer will help patients detect and treat them early. Therefore, you must pay attention to your physical condition to prevent the occurrence and development of the disease.

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