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If you usually do these 4 things, colon cancer will not dare to "disturb" you

Everyone should have experienced constipation, and we also know that constipation is particularly uncomfortable. If it is occasional constipation, it is not a serious problem, but if it is regular constipation, toxins in the body will not be discharged, and it will also cause constipation.

It is easy to cause diseases. Therefore, everyone should keep the stool smooth and maintain good defecation habits not only to eliminate toxins from the body, but also to prevent the occurrence of colon cancer.

Can maintaining good bowel habits prevent colon cancer?Because long-term constipation will cause feces to stay in the intestines for too long, the toxins in the feces will be in contact with the colon mucosa for too long, and cancer will occur under the long-term stimulation of these toxins.

Therefore, it is necessary to keep the stool To make your bowel movements smooth and have good defecation habits, you can eat more whole grains and high-vitamin foods to prevent constipation. However, if you experience bloody stools or incomplete defecation without changing your lifestyle and diet, It is necessary to seek medical treatment promptly to diagnose the disease.

What habits can prevent colon cancer?1. Eating habits. If you have the habit of eating whole grains or fresh fruits regularly, and not consuming too much meat and fat, you can effectively prevent colon cancer.

2. Don't smoke or drink. Because tobacco contains dimethyl shin, these substances can easily cause colon cancer, and people who smoke regularly will accumulate these substances in the colon, leading to colon cancer. Long-term drinking will change your diet. Habits increase the incidence of colon cancer. Therefore, people who do not smoke or drink have a lower chance of colon cancer.

3. Regular exercise. People who exercise regularly can prevent obesity, because obesity can easily cause colon cancer. And not exercising much at ordinary times will also affect colon peristalsis, which is detrimental to the discharge of feces. Therefore, whether it is because of obesity or It is constipation. Regular exercise is beneficial. It can control weight and prevent constipation, which can reduce the occurrence of colon cancer.

4. Frequently bask in the sun. People who often bask in the sun have enough vitamin D in their bodies, and vitamin D can help change the growth of intestinal cells, which can prevent the occurrence of colon cancer.

Kind tips

Some good habits in life can effectively prevent colon cancer. The occurrence of cancer is generally related to lifestyle, so to prevent colon cancer, you must maintain good living habits. Especially friends who have constipation habits must take care of themselves.

Your own intestines and stomach can improve your gastrointestinal motility and maintain regular defecation every day, so that the chance of colon cancer will decrease. In addition, improving constipation can also reduce the occurrence of other diseases, especially in middle-aged and elderly people, and can reduce the risk of heart and brain disease. The occurrence of vascular disease.

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