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Is frequent farting a sign of colon disease?

Is frequent farting a sign of colon disease? Doctor: Maybe you're overthinking it. You'll understand after reading this

Doctors say that there are three main sources of farts: on the one hand, it is the gas we eat when we eat; secondly, a large amount of gas is produced after the digestion and decomposition of certain foods we eat; and then there are some chemical reactions in the intestines, which are mainly Carbon dioxide is produced by the neutralization reaction of bicarbonate and acid, so there is no relationship between farting and intestinal cancer.

What does colon cancer feel like?

If a person suffers from rectal cancer, there will be no abnormal feeling in the early stage. Later, the characteristics of the stool will change, such as blood in the stool or the stool becomes thinner. Then the patient's weight will decrease significantly, especially It is an unexplained significant weight loss in a short period of time, and there is no farting. In fact, patients with colon cancer may not even show signs of flatulence due to intestinal obstruction, so there is no evidence that excessive farting is necessarily related to colon cancer. 

How to prevent colon cancer?

Eat less frozen meat

Nowadays, people live at a faster pace. After buying meat, many people freeze it in the refrigerator and take it out to thaw when they want to eat it. Although this is very convenient, many people ignore the shelf life of frozen meat. In fact, frozen meat Try not to freeze the meat for more than one month. If the meat is frozen for too long, bacteria and microorganisms can easily breed during the thawing process. Such substances can easily become carcinogens and increase the chance of cancer. Therefore, we should eat less frozen meat in our daily life. meat.

Eat less cured meat

Some people in life have strong tastes and like to eat pickled meats, such as bacon, salted fish, etc. Although this kind of pickled meat has a unique flavor and is very delicious, dimethyl sulfide is produced in the pickled meat. Nitrates can easily turn into carcinogens after being ingested in large amounts. Therefore, if you want to prevent colon cancer, you should eat less bacon.

Eat less barbecue

A large amount of seasonings are added to barbecued food during the marinating process, which can easily irritate the intestinal mucosa. Especially during the barbecue preparation process, carcinogens are easily produced, which increases the chance of intestinal cancer, so barbecue should be avoided. food.

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