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Five early symptoms of colon cancer

Colorectal cancer and colorectal cancer are caused by the degeneration and proliferation of intestinal wall epithelial cells and are related to genetic genes. About 5% of colorectal cancer patients have a genetic tendency. Too little fiber food intake, too much meat intake, and too refined food.

Obesity, excessive fat intake, and inactivity are all related to colorectal cancer. Colon cancer mostly evolves from polyps. Removing polyps is an effective way to prevent colon cancer. It is best to remove polyps as early as possible if they are found.

Five early symptoms of colon cancer:

1. Diarrhea

2. Blood in the stool and thin stool

3. Abdominal pain

4. Weakness

5. Weight loss

Union International Against Cancer (UICC) colon cancer staging

Early stage (stage 0-1) primary tumors are limited to the mucosa and submucosa, without lymph node or distant metastasis.

Stage II: The primary tumor invades the muscular layer of the intestinal wall and has no lymph nodes or distant metastasis.

Stage III: There is regional lymph node metastasis but no distant metastasis.

Stage IV: Tumor metastasis to other organs, such as the liver, lungs, bones, and brain, and distant lymph node metastasis, such as supraclavicular lymph node metastasis.

Treatment: Early-stage colon cancer is cured by surgery. In the middle and late stages, surgery is the main method, combined with radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

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