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If these symptoms appear, you may have colon cancer

1. Blood in the stool

After suffering from colon cancer, in addition to passing black stool, patients may also experience blood in the stool.

When tumors grow in the intestinal lumen, epidermal tissue will fall off and bleed.

Blood is mixed into the stool, causing the patient to have blood in the stool.

In addition, when bleeding symptoms occur in the intestinal mucosa, blood will also be mixed into the stool, causing the patient to have blood in the stool.

2. Long-term abdominal discomfort

After suffering from colon cancer, patients will experience prolonged abdominal discomfort, with the most obvious symptoms being abdominal pain and bloating.

This condition has nothing to do with dietary factors, and it cannot be eliminated through dietary adjustments or taking some drugs. It will only become more serious as the condition develops.

3. Indigestion

When suffering from colon cancer, the patient's intestinal mucosa will be damaged, slowing down intestinal peristalsis.

In this way, it will affect the digestive function and cause the patient to suffer from long-term indigestion. Once indigestion occurs, the patient's appetite will quickly decrease.

4. Symptoms of anemia

When suffering from colon cancer, patients will experience a series of symptoms of anemia. Patients often experience physical weakness and a series of symptoms such as fatigue, palpitation, dizziness, and shortness of breath in daily life.

In addition, some patients will show repeated low-grade fever and edema of the lower limbs. These symptoms are difficult to alleviate with some medications and will become more obvious.

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