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Persist in "frog crouching" every day, doing this for 10 minutes will result in slimming legs and buttocks

Correctly opening the hips can effectively stretch the muscles and even contribute to weight loss and body shaping. Various hip-opening exercises are incorporated into fitness routines for their importance. One common hip-opening variation is the Downward Dog Pose. Lift one leg while maintaining the Downward Dog position and open the hips outward. Flex the foot and point the toes towards the opposite hip. Keep the shoulders stable and avoid shifting the weight as the leg is lifted. 

Start in the Downward Dog Pose, find stability, and adjust your breathing. Lift one leg up and back, pushing the limits of the movement. This exercise is simple enough for beginners with no prior yoga experience. If your flexibility allows, you can continue bending the knee and lowering the calf towards the front. If not, keep the leg extended. 

To advance further, you can transition into the Tiger Pose by supporting your body with one hand and extending the other hand forward. Another effective hip-opening exercise is the Frog Pose. It stretches the inner thigh muscles and can alleviate tightness and stiffness that contributes to lower back pain. To prevent incorrect positioning, place your feet against a wall and support your hips with a yoga block or cushion. Use your glutes to push towards the wall and engage your pelvic floor muscles to avoid overstretching the front of the pelvis. 

From a frog-like position on the ground, slowly open your knees to the sides until your thighs and buttocks are at a 90-degree angle. Keep your abdomen engaged and avoid collapsing to the ground. Support yourself with your hands and distribute the weight to your hips. Breathe deeply, relax your hips, and feel the pressure on the groin area. These hip-opening exercises are essential for toning and shaping the thighs and buttocks while improving pelvic alignment and posture.

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