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The Americans announced their entry into a flying saucer, which has a diameter of 9 meters and can accommodate a football field, with a few minutes inside and four hours outside

According to recent reports, American investigators claim to have encountered a crashed UFO with dimensions of approximately 9.14 meters. Upon excavation, they discovered that the inside of the disc was much larger than its appearance, due to a distortion of space-time. 

Individuals who entered the UFO experienced disorientation and nausea. Strangely, the time inside the disc passed differently from the outside, with minutes inside equivalent to hours outside. A physicist named Sean believes that advanced technology may manipulate space-time to counteract gravity. 

He also alleged that the US government is attempting to cover up the UFO incident. However, despite multiple claims, there is still no concrete evidence to substantiate these events. The US has previously released a report on UFOs, but it failed to provide any conclusive results. 

It is unclear why the US is often associated with UFO sightings, and some speculate that these incidents are either natural occurrences or the result of man-made devices. Similar sightings have also been reported in China recently. It is important to approach these events with skepticism and rely on scientific research for conclusions.

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