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The upper body is thin, but there is a lot of fat in the buttocks and legs. How can I reduce it? Teach you 9 movements to get rid of pear shaped body shape

Summer is here, and it's time to show some skin! If you have a pear-shaped body, with a slim upper body and a heavier lower body, here are some tips on how to improve your physique.

1. Are you a pear-shaped body? Characteristics include narrow shoulders, a small waist, and wide hips. The fat tends to accumulate in the lower body, making it appear like a "pear". To confirm if you have this body type, measure your waist-hip ratio or compare your shoulder and hip measurements.

2. The causes of a pear-shaped body are both genetic and lifestyle-related. Genetics determine your bone structure, while habits like sitting for long periods, having a high-fat and high-sugar diet, or slouching can contribute to the development of this body type.

3. How to improve a pear-shaped body? Maintain a balanced and nutritious diet, drink plenty of water, correct your posture, establish a regular sleep routine, and learn stress management techniques. 
Exercise is also important. Incorporate aerobic activities like running or swimming with targeted leg and glute exercises, such as 30 minutes of cardio combined with 15 minutes of leg and glute exercises.
Specific exercises to try include:
- Plank with leg lifts (30 seconds, repeat 1-3 times) 

- Plank with alternate leg swings (30 seconds, repeat, switch legs) 

- Side lunges in a kneeling position (30 seconds, repeat, switch legs) 

- Glute bridge with leg swings (30 seconds, repeat, switch legs) 

- Clamshells (30 seconds, repeat, switch legs) 

- Deep squats (30 seconds, repeat 1-3 times) 

Finish your workout with stretches for the hips, calves, and thighs (30 seconds each). 

By following these tips and incorporating regular exercise, you can enhance your pear-shaped body and achieve a more balanced physique.

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