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5 simple unarmed movements, 15 minutes per day, can help you lose weight even at home, and the more you practice, the younger you become

Weight loss and body shaping involve controlling the energy intake and expenditure of the body. Therefore, aerobic exercise, which burns calories, is an effective way to lose weight. However, solely relying on aerobic exercise can lead to muscle loss, which is undesirable in the fat loss process. Therefore, it is best to combine strength training with aerobic exercise. For beginners with poor fitness, it may be challenging to perform high-intensity exercises. Therefore, simple exercise combinations are recommended. Here is a set of simple HIIT exercises suitable for beginners:

1. Static Squat: Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, back straight, core tightened, and hands crossed in front of the chest. Squat down, keeping the back straight and hips back. Hold the position while maintaining stability and natural breathing.

2. Kneeling Push-up: Get into a push-up position with elbows slightly bent, back straight, core tightened, and knees on the ground. Slowly lower the body until the chest almost touches the ground, then push back up, keeping the back straight. Avoid locking the elbows.

3. High Knees: Stand with feet slightly apart, chest up, arms relaxed at the sides. Lift one knee at a time towards the chest while swinging the arms naturally. Maintain a steady pace and try to bring the thighs parallel to the hips with each knee lift.

4. Static Bridge: Lie on a yoga mat with upper back and head supported, arms at the sides, knees bent, and feet flat on the ground. Tighten the glutes and lift the hips until the upper body and thighs are in a straight line. Hold the position and breathe naturally.

5. Twisting Jump: Stand with feet together, back straight, core tightened, and arms raised overhead. Jump up while turning the hips to one side and land. Repeat the jump, turning the hips to the other side. Let the arms swing naturally with the leg movements.

Maintain a steady rhythm. Remember to warm up before starting the training, familiarize yourself with the movements, and give your best effort while ensuring proper form. Rest for about 45 seconds between exercises, complete 3-5 sets, and finish with a cool-down to gradually lower the heart rate.

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