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Will black holes be 'stretched to death'? 300 million light years away from Earth, an overeating black hole "exploded"

The article discusses the lifespan and evolution of celestial bodies, such as stars and black holes. After approximately 5 billion years, the Sun will transform into a red giant, altering the fate of the planets orbiting around it. The article then focuses on the question of whether black holes can explode. In 2016, astronomers observed an unusual X-ray image of a distant galaxy cluster, suggesting the occurrence of a high-energy burst. 

While initially considering the possibility of a supermassive black hole creating a large cavity, researchers eventually dismissed the idea due to insufficient energy. However, a recent study led by Simona Giacintucci suggests a record-breaking black hole explosion did occur in a distant part of the universe, carving out a massive cavity. The energy released in this explosion was five times greater than previous records. 

Collaborating data from multiple observatories confirmed the existence of the cavity and suggested the involvement of a supermassive black hole. The study also revealed that the explosion had ended, as no evidence of current jet emissions was detected. 

The article explains that the end of a black hole can be more complex, as there are two types: small, formed from stellar evolution, and supermassive black holes found at the centers of galaxies, including our own. The latter continuously attract and consume nearby celestial bodies, growing in size. However, the question of whether black holes explode due to excessive consumption remains unanswered and requires further data for clarification.

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