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16 basic yoga postures' renderings' are important for beginners to practice and are recommended for collection

When practicing yoga, some people may feel the poses more intensely than others. This could be due to beginners' lack of understanding of which specific body parts each pose targets, resulting in improper or inadequate execution and consequently, poor results. To improve the effectiveness of their practice, beginners need to know which body parts different poses target. Therefore, today, we recommend 16 basic yoga poses with an "effect chart" for beginners.

1. Big Toe Pose: Stand on the mat with feet together, bend forward and touch the ground with hands, keeping the body relaxed.

2. Triangle Pose: Stand with legs wide apart and turn the right foot out, bend to the right side with the right hand on the right foot, left arm pointing towards the ceiling.

3. Seated Forward Bend: Sit with legs stretched out and bend forward, grabbing the toes with the fingers.

4. Tree Pose: Stand with one foot on the inside thigh of the other leg, arms lifted above the head.

5. Seated Forward Fold: Sit with legs straight and bend forward, reaching for the feet.

6. Bound Angle Pose: Sit with feet together and press the knees towards the mat.

7. Seated Spinal Twist: Sit with one knee bent and foot placed outside the opposite thigh, twist the body to the opposite side.

8. Sphinx Pose: Lie face down on the mat with the elbows under the shoulders, lift the chest and gaze forward.

9. Cobra Pose: Lie face down, lift the chest while keeping the hips on the mat.

10. Downward Facing Dog Pose: Start on all fours, lift the hips and press the heels towards the ground.

11. Dolphin Pose: Start on all fours and lower the elbows to the mat, forming a forearm plank.

12. Bridge Pose: Lie on the back with knees bent, lift the hips off the mat.

13. Fish Pose: Lie on the back, lift the chest and place hands under the buttocks.

14. Wheel Pose: Lie on the back, bend the knees and reach for the ankles, lift the hips off the mat.

15. Happy Baby Pose: Lie on the back, bend the knees towards the shoulders and hold onto the feet.

16. Bow Pose: Lie on the stomach, bend the knees and reach for the ankles, lift the chest off the mat.

If practitioners realize they are not targeting these body parts or not getting the desired results, it means they may be doing the poses incorrectly or not fully engaging in them, so adjustments are necessary. 

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