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Thrombosis is not a sudden arrival, warning: the body if there are 5 signals, do not take it lightly

Mr. Wei, 63 years old, had a stroke a few years ago but recovered after timely treatment. He followed his doctor's advice, monitored his blood pressure regularly, took his medication, and maintained a healthy lifestyle. However, over time, Mr. Wei became lax in his habits. He started skipping his medication, measuring his blood pressure infrequently, and even drinking alcohol with friends. Despite his family's warnings, he continued to disregard his health. 

Last week, after a drinking session, Mr. Wei felt unwell and woke up with worsening symptoms. He had another stroke. After several days of treatment, Mr. Wei gradually recovered and could speak normally again. In China, 40-45% of people over 60 years old with hypertension also have diabetes and dyslipidemia. Every year, 15 million people die from cardiovascular diseases. 

Blood clots are one of the leading causes of cardiovascular diseases. There are two types of blood clots: arterial and venous. Arterial clots form on the arteries and can lead to coronary heart disease, stroke, and other conditions. Venous clots form due to blood stasis and can cause deep vein thrombosis and other complications. 

Common symptoms of blood clots include chest pain, leg pain, redness, increased heart rate, rapid breathing, and coughing blood. 

To prevent blood clots, it is important to get enough rest, maintain a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and avoid risk factors such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. In addition, increasing the intake of fruits, whole grains, and vegetables can help improve cardiovascular health. Proper prevention and lifestyle changes are crucial in reducing the risk of blood clots and cardiovascular diseases.

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