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Organic molecules have been discovered on Mars, and scientists believe that there is a high possibility of life on ancient Mars

NASA's recent announcement of the discovery of organic molecules on Mars has further fueled the desire to search for life and even colonize the planet. The similarity index between Earth and Mars is 0.7, making Mars the most Earth-like planet in our solar system. 

However, before humans can set foot on Mars, logistical support must be established. One of the most crucial aspects is the availability of oxygen, as it is essential for breathing and survival. NASA has developed a device called Moxie that can extract oxygen from the Martian atmosphere, although the current production is insufficient for sustained breathing. Nevertheless, this technology holds immense potential, not only for future astronauts but also for large-scale development and construction on Mars. 

Elon Musk's ambitious plan to send humans to Mars by 2029 is met with skepticism from the scientific community due to the technological challenges and the need for extensive preparation. NASA's primary focus is currently on returning to the moon, as it would serve as a launchpad for Mars missions. 

It should be noted that all current Mars plans are still in the exploratory phase, and without a space race, the objective is not just to show off strength but to truly develop Martian resources. This requires sending significant supplies and intelligent robots to prepare the planet before humans can permanently settle. 

While remarkable achievements have been made in Mars exploration, such as the discovery of biomolecules and the success of Moxie, there is still much work to be done, including terraforming the Martian climate and melting the polar ice caps. Only when enough problems are solved can Mars truly become a second Earth.

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