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500 light-years away, astronomers have discovered the second solar system, which also contains 8 planets

Our solar system, with its eight planets, is considered unique among most star systems in the universe that usually have only one or two planets. However, in the Draco constellation, 2,545 light-years away, astronomers have discovered a new solar system named Kepler-90. This system also has eight planets, including several super-Earths larger than our own Earth. 

The star in this system is similar to our Sun, a medium-sized yellow dwarf, but it formed 2 billion years ago compared to our Sun's 4.6 billion years. Interestingly, the composition of planets in Kepler-90 is almost identical to our solar system, with larger super-Earth planets and gas giants similar to Jupiter and Uranus. This leads to the question of whether there could be life in this system. 

Located in the habitable zone of the Milky Way's Orion Arm, just over 2,000 light-years from the Sun, Kepler-90 is protected from radiation and wandering black holes near the galactic center. However, the habitable zone of Kepler-90 is too close to the star for life to exist on any of its planets. The closest planet, Kepler-90i, has a surface temperature of 400 degrees, making oceans and atmospheres impossible. 

Astronomers believe that it is unlikely for any form of life or civilization, even silicon-based, to exist in the Kepler-90 system. Currently, telescopes like Hubble or Webb cannot observe the system's details from the distance of over 2,000 light-years. Only once future civilizations master technologies like near-light-speed travel or wormhole exploration can we truly explore Kepler-90. Even if there is life on one of Kepler-90's planets, it is likely to be primitive, as the system itself is relatively young, with life possibly emerging only in the last 2 billion years. Therefore, advanced civilizations are improbable.

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