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Humans only have a level of 0.7, and a second level civilization can envelop stars. How terrifying is a third level civilization?

Human civilization has always been fascinated with the idea of how far it can progress. Soviet scientist Nikolai Kardashev introduced the concept of Kardashev civilization types, which categorizes civilizations based on their ability to utilize resources. Originally, there were only three levels, with Level 1 civilizations, or planetary civilizations, being able to fully utilize the energy of their own planet. 

However, despite advancements, humanity is only at 0.73 on the Kardashev scale, far from being a Level 1 civilization. It is estimated that it will take several hundred years to reach that level, primarily due to the lack of unified progress and the absence of controlled nuclear fusion technology. 

Level 2 civilizations, or stellar civilizations, have the ability to harness resources within their star system, and mastering the construction of Dyson spheres is the key to becoming a Level 2 civilization. These spheres can wrap around a star and utilize its energy, thus gaining control over the entire star system. However, the challenge lies in the scarcity of sufficient mass within star systems to construct Dyson spheres. 

Level 3 civilizations, or galactic civilizations, can expand beyond their star system by mastering superluminal technologies like warp drives and wormholes. These civilizations can explore and colonize the entire galaxy. It is important to note that the Kardashev scale is a human construct and may not necessarily reflect the reality of civilizations in the universe. Humanity could be the most advanced civilization in the cosmos, or it could simply be one of many.

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