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2 minutes of exercise and weight loss every day! KIMIKO comparison: Who hasn't passed by! The same pants become loose and the calves are twice thinner

same pants, looser fit, and thighs halved in size. KIMIKO recently shared a before-and-after photo on her fan page, wearing the same pair of pants. The results were incredible! Even though she had a well-proportioned figure before, her abs are now more defined and her thighs have shrunk significantly. The most noticeable change is in her calves, which have decreased in size by half. KIMIKO attributes her transformation to the 2-minute KimiBarre workout she does every day.

Here are some key exercises from the routine:

1. Upper body toning: Use the KimiBarre to engage your muscles. Hold it in front of your chest, with your legs apart. Lift it up to touch your forehead and then bring it back down to your navel, keeping your head, body, and legs still. Repeat for 2 minutes.

2. Abs workout: Position the KimiBarre at your navel, with your legs straight and slightly bent. Place your hands lightly on your lower back. Slowly open your arms out to the sides and bring them forward. Keep your lower body still and tighten your abs and glutes throughout the exercise. Repeat for 2 minutes. 

3. Leg slimming: Get on all fours and hold the KimiBarre. Place it behind your knee, with your thigh and calf at a 90-degree angle. Lift your thigh slowly to the side, parallel to the ground, and lower it back down. Keep your knee off the ground. Repeat for 2 minutes on each leg. 

KIMIKO advises paying attention to proper form and not pushing yourself too hard if you experience discomfort during the exercises. Additionally, she shares real-life testimonials that show the effectiveness of the KimiBarre workout in reducing belly fat, toning arms and thighs, and improving posture. The best part is that it only takes 8-10 minutes a day.

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