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The United States has revealed shocking news: UFOs do exist, and the United States has mastered "anti sky technology" from them

In recent years, with the advancement of satellite monitoring technology, there has been an increasing number of reports about unidentified flying objects (UFOs). In 2023 alone, multiple regions around the world have discovered UFO sightings, fueling people's curiosity and questions about the mysteries of the universe.

 A few days ago, the United States held a high-profile hearing on the topic of UFOs. Former US Air Force intelligence officers attending the hearing revealed that the US has long withheld information about UFO projects from the public. This revelation has sparked intrigue and raised questions about what the government has been hiding. 

The main whistleblower, David Fravor, a former naval commander, detailed the existence of UFOs and the US government's covert programs and projects related to them. He revealed that the government possesses UFO debris and has established research teams to reverse-engineer these non-earthly technologies. Fravor claimed that the project violates the laws of physics and has resulted in injuries to personnel. 

However, the US authorities have consistently suppressed the truth and even resorted to threats and intimidation against those who sought to expose it. These revelations have caused a global sensation and prompted widespread online discussions about UFOs. It is important to note that there is currently insufficient evidence to support the claims made by these whistleblowers, and skeptics argue that the witnesses' testimonies lack credibility. Nevertheless, these disclosures have reignited the public's interest and curiosity about extraterrestrial technologies.

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