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A green light flashed by, and the UFO crashed into American gambling city, creating a 3-meter tall green creature! Numerous witnesses

lien civilizations and extraterrestrial life have always been a subject of curiosity. While some people believe they exist, others think they don't. Given the vastness of the universe, it is highly unlikely that there is no alien civilization and advanced extraterrestrial life forms. 

However, since we haven't encountered them, most people believe they don't exist. Recently, some bizarre incidents in the United States have raised suspicions about the presence of advanced extraterrestrial life on Earth. According to a report by CNN and other US media outlets on June 10, a UFO (referring to an alien spacecraft) crash likely occurred in Las Vegas on the night of April 30 to May.

A local resident reported witnessing "two 8-10 feet (about 2.4-3 meters) tall 'large creatures' walking in their backyard" shortly after a loud crash. It is highly likely that these creatures were the occupants of the malfunctioning spaceship. Another witness reported seeing a green light descending from the sky, followed by the UFO and a tall green creature standing next to it. The witness described the creature as a "tall and thin green extraterrestrial being" with a strange face, large feet, shiny eyes, and a big mouth. 

The witness emphasized that "they are 100% not human." Several other witnesses, including two brothers who were repairing a car in their backyard nearby, also reported seeing a bright green light and a large object crashing from the sky, causing a shockwave. They heard thousands of footsteps but didn't see anyone, and the sounds disappeared after a few seconds. The local police investigated the incident but found no significant evidence. A video posted by another witness on social media showed the aftermath of the incident, including a huge explosion and tremors recorded by a neighbor's security camera, as well as a perfect circular mark left by the UFO in the backyard. 

The police received at least 21 calls that night about the incident, and an officer's body camera recorded two green lights in the night sky. While most people believe that there are no aliens or spaceships on Earth, it is difficult to explain this incident. It is unlikely that someone would go through the trouble of orchestrating such a large-scale prank. The large green light in the sky, the descending spaceship, and the three-meter-tall green creature are not easy to fabricate. The numerous witness accounts also make it difficult to dismiss this as a hoax. George Knapp, a journalist who has reported on several UFO incidents, visited the site and found no signs of a hoax. 

The local police interviewed three witnesses who called to report the incident and found them to be credible. The police also searched the backyard where the UFO crashed and the aliens appeared, looking for evidence and more witnesses. The implications of the existence of extraterrestrial life on Earth are profound, raising fundamental questions about the number of alien civilizations, their perception of Earth, how humanity would defend itself if invaded, the origins of Earth's life, and the meaning of the existence and development of life on Earth. 

If extraterrestrial life exists on Earth, everything humans and all living beings do is under surveillance, and many events in human history may have been influenced or manipulated by extraterrestrial beings, rendering human conflicts meaningless. This news challenges our current understanding of the world. 

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