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The best hip opening pose is' Frog prone ', and proper movements are important. Don't let these 5 mistakes ruin you

The Frog Pose, also known as Mandukasana, is a foundational exercise in dance, taekwondo, and yoga. Its main purpose is to open the hips and increase flexibility through stretching. Movement: Lie down on the floor, bend your knees, and bring the inner sides of your legs to the ground. Slowly open your knees to the sides, forming a 90-degree angle between your thighs and torso, as well as your thighs and lower legs. Take deep breaths for 3-5 counts. After a few weeks, try to increase the breath count to 5-7.

Gradually establish your breath in the pose, and with practice, your muscles will open up without discomfort. However, many people make common mistakes when performing the Frog Pose, which can weaken the hip-opening effect and risk injury to other joints, such as a fractured femoral neck.

Common mistakes include:

1. Relaxing the entire body during the pose, which puts pressure on the sacroiliac joint and causes discomfort. To avoid this, engage the pelvic floor muscles and press the palms into the ground.

2. Letting the lower back collapse, which adds more pressure to the lumbar region and reduces the hip-opening effect. Instead, tighten the lower abdomen, tilt the tailbone backward and downward, and maintain a parallel alignment between the back and the ground.

3. Putting the weight on the elbows and hips rather than the waist. During the pose, allow the gravity to sink the hips until the pubic bone is grounded, creating pressure on the groin area.

4. Forcing the hips down when the inner thigh muscles are too tight, which can increase stress on the hips, knees, and ankles, as well as potentially strain the lower back. Be patient with your progress and listen to your body's limits.

5. Forgetting to relax after the stretch. Slowly rise up and consider incorporating a relaxation exercise after the Frog Pose. 

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