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Adhere to yoga squats in place every day to improve body metabolism, shape body curves, and become younger with practice

Malasana, also known as Yoga Squat, is a yoga pose that helps to bring energy downwards and stretch the groin and inner thighs using gravity. Regular practice of this pose can strengthen the thighs, increase ankle mobility, and stabilize energy. Benefits:

1. Strengthens lower body: Malasana strengthens and stretches the thighs, especially the quadriceps. It also stretches the ankles, groin, and back.

2. Improves digestion: Malasana helps to direct energy downwards and can be a good choice to calm yourself. It also promotes digestion. Pose breakdown: Stand in Mountain Pose with feet slightly wider than hips. Exhale and bend the knees to squat down. Join hands in front of the chest, keeping elbows touching the inner thighs. Lift the chest and rest the elbows or the back of the arms on the knees or inner thighs. Pay attention to the areas being stretched, usually the inner thighs and groin.


1. Variation 1: In this variation, instead of using the arms to separate the knees, use the hands to press against the outside of the knees. Hold for a while and you can also choose to press the knees inward on inhalation and release on exhalation for a few rounds. This variation targets the outer hips and provides support when the knees are pressed together.

2. Variation 2: Keep hands in prayer position in front of the chest and perform the traditional Malasana. Lift the chest, open the collarbones, and gently use the elbows to separate the thighs. Allow the body to sway from side to side, letting the breath regulate the movement. Close your eyes to feel the swaying sensation.

3. Variation 3: This version of Malasana stretches not only the lower body but also the upper body. It is an excellent shoulder-opening pose while stretching the inner thighs, groin, and shoulders. Enter the traditional Malasana position but instead of pressing palms together in front of the chest, place the fingertips of the right hand on the floor or slightly forward. Lift the left arm towards the sky while keeping the right fingertips grounded. Flexible individuals can add binding here while maintaining slow and steady breathing.

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