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I persisted in the "arch bridge stretching" for a month and lost all my visceral fat. I lost 5 pounds in ten days, which is too efficient

Want a slim waist? Are you troubled by the excess fat on your waist? Don't worry, let's learn the "Bridge Stretch" exercise together. This exercise specifically targets the abdomen and can help you lose 5 pounds in 10 days. 

1. Benefits of Bridge Stretch: The Bridge Stretch effectively exercises the entire abdominal muscles, helping to burn fat and reduce bloating. It also improves overall body health. The Bridge Stretch targets deeper layers of the abdominal muscles, helping to burn fat around the organs and improve overall body condition. 

2. Proper technique for Bridge Stretch: To maximize the effectiveness of the Bridge Stretch, follow these steps: Lie flat on a mat with your back straight, facing the ceiling. Bend your knees at a 45-degree angle and let your arms naturally hang at your sides, palms down. 

Coordinate your breathing with the movements. Activate your core by tightening your glutes and slowly lift your hips and waist upward until your knees align with your shoulders. Hold the stretched position for 5 breaths, then slowly lower your body while relaxing your neck until you return to the starting position. 

Do 5 sets of the Bridge Stretch, 3-5 sets per day. Aim to stretch your waist and abdomen as much as possible. If you feel soreness in the waist area, it indicates a more effective workout. Have you learned it?

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