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There are three types of chest shapes for women, with targeted "chest exercises" for "four movements". The posture rises by 3cm in a straight and upright manner, highlighting the charm of women

When it comes to fitness, the chest is definitely a part that both men and women love to train. Men want it to be fuller, making them look stronger, while women want it to be perkier, making them look sexier. However, women often make mistakes in training their chest because their chest structure and types differ from men. Today, let's understand a few common female chest types and share how to train and protect the chest correctly. 

Chest Type 1: Round shape - this is one of the most common and loved chest types. It is full and round in shape, making the chest look sexy when wearing the right bra. 

Chest Type 2: Wide-set - this type has the chest spread out towards the sides. Women with this type should wear bras that enhance cleavage to make the chest appear fuller and more sexy. 

Chest Type 3: Saggy - this type is often referred to as "water drop" or "bell-shaped" chest. It looks slightly elongated and not very full. Women with this type should choose supportive bras to prevent sagging. 

There are common misconceptions about chest enhancement such as massage, papaya, essential oils, or pills. These methods don't actually increase glandular size, muscle mass, or fat content, which are the main components of the female chest. The only effective methods are fat filling at reputable plastic surgery hospitals and proper strength training to increase muscle mass and achieve a fuller and perkier chest. 

Here is a training plan for female chest: 

Exercise 1: Dumbbell chest press - lie on a bench with feet flat on the ground and elbows bent below shoulders. Hold dumbbells with palms facing each other and press them up. Repeat 12 times for 4 sets. 

Exercise 2: Incline dumbbell chest press - sit on an incline bench, keep core tight and chest up. Bend elbows below shoulders and press dumbbells up. Repeat 12 times for 4 sets. 

Exercise 3: Pec fly machine - sit on a pec fly machine and grip the handles. Keep elbows slightly bent and bring hands together in front of the chest. Repeat 12 times for 4 sets. 

Exercise 4: Incline push-ups - place hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and keep core tight. Lower chest to a bench and push back up. Repeat 12 times for 4 sets. To achieve a perfect chest shape, strength training is recommended.

The training plan mentioned includes exercises for the entire chest muscles, upper chest, lower chest, and chest seam. Adjust focus on upper chest and chest seam for wide-set chest, and target upper chest and overall chest for saggy chest. Remember, there's no filler for a perfect chest shape, so choose the right training method.    

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